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National Eye & Ear of Tucson can provide you with a professional yearly eye exam service for glasses and contacts. When you come to our clinic for an eye exam, we give you our full attention so your eyes get the best possible care.

What to expect during eye exams at National Eye & Ear of Tucson

Our comprehensive eye exams include a number of tests to make sure your eyes are healthy and disease-free:

Ocular health assessment

An optometrist will look under your eyelids and into your pupils to ensure that everything is healthy and works properly. If any issues arise, he or she will perform the necessary tests for diagnosis and treatment.

Binocular vision assessment

Any problems with muscles in your eyes could disrupt eye coordination, causing double vision or crossed eyes. Our eye specialist will assess the strength and coordination of the muscles associated with your vision.


A light will be shone into your eyes during this process, and a retractor or phoropter is used while you look at an object to see how your eyes reflect light.

Visual acuity test

In this test, you simply look at a chart where the letters get smaller and smaller as you read down. Each eye is tested to determine how well you can see at different distances. This test is the leading standard for contact and glasses eye exams. If any problems are detected, you may need glasses or contacts to correct your vision.

Best selection of prescription glasses

Count on us for the best prescription glasses and contacts. We have a fashionable dispensary with a wide range of frames to choose from. Our frame selection includes:

And Many More...

National Eye & Ear of Tucson also specializes in fitting children's frames including Miraflex, Nano, and Dilli Dalli. If you're interested in our services, get in touch online or give us a call at 520-795-0553.

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With our experience, professionalism, and friendly service, National Eye and Ear of Tucson is the only name you need to remember to keep your vision clear. If you're interested in our services or have any questions, get in touch online or give us a call at 520-795-0553